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Our Process

Cyber Club London aims to have a highly transparent process to enable all founders and entrepreneurs to grow, irrespective to whether we will invest in their venture or not.


Preliminary Assessment

The first stage @CCL is aimed at inspecting prospect startups at a high level, validating their compliance with the CCL minimal requirements:

  • Product / Service / Solution for the cybersecurity industry

  • Proof Of Concept (POC) available

  • Looking for early stage investment (Pre-Seed / Seed / A-round)


Collective Dilligence

Chosen Startups will be invited to share their vision and demo their product in front of CCL members. Startups are evaluated based on multiple dimensions, including:

  • The founding team

  • Total Addressable Market and go to market strategy

  • Alignment with CCL member views of the industry need

  • Technological Supremacy & Innovation



CCL Members will have the option to invest in a startup, and provided a sizeable amount of money has been allocated by CCL members; the investment will take place. As a group, CCL will also advise other prospective VC investors who may want to invest in the round.


Mentoring & Support

CCL members (now stakeholders) will be looking forward to mentoring, supporting and promoting the funded startups and helping them grow by providing technical and strategic advice.

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