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CCL is a community of cybersecurity executives and experts, working together to sponsor and nurture the next generation of cybersecurity ventures.


Cyber Club London
in a nutshell

Cyber Club London (CCL) was founded to enable cybersecurity leaders, executives, startups, and VC's to have common grounds for knowledge sharing and collaborative investments in promising startups

Executive Cybersecurity Community

CCL is a closed, invite only club.

The community is based on personal acquaintances and a review board, aimed at upholding the high bar for excellence and cybersecurity impact.

Investment Club

CCL facilitates group investments in early-stage cyber startups, providing feedback, assurance and funding to drive their success

Startup Mentoring

Every funded startup gains first-hand access to business executives, security experts. CCL members, now stakeholders, provide mentoring to help create a successful venture

Knowledge Exchange

CCL Members are provided with access to a knowledge sharing platform to discuss challenges, strategize and compare notes with other like-minded experts

Our members help secure


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Venture Capital

Let's explore potential collaborations and co-investment opportunities

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